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  • Visitor address for management and forestry: Nieuwe Meerlaan 3, 1182 DB Amstelveen.
  • Recreation facilities, management and maintenance: Amsterdam Forest Management, phone no. +31 (0) 20 545 61 50.
  • Supervision and accidents: Amsterdamse Bos forestry, phone no. +31 (0) 20 545 61 40.
  • Visitors’ Centre 'De Boswinkel' and exhibitions: Bosbaanweg 5, 1182 AG, Amstelveen; phone no. +31 (0) 20-545 61 00.

You can also visit the website:

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The Amsterdamse Bos attracts millions of visitors every year. As long as everyone is respectful of nature and other people, the Bos has plenty of space for everyone. However, as a visitor to the Amsterdamse Bos you are asked to follow certain rules. Our foresters ensure that these rules are upheld. For your convenience, we have listed them below:

  • Events with more than 30 people must be reported in advance.
  • Waste must be deposited into the bins.
  • Dog owners must obey the signs with off-leash and on-leash regulations.
  • Open fires, including charcoal fires, are prohibited. A charcoal barbecue is allowed, provided that it is not in direct contact with trees or bushes (at least five metres distance) and placed on a stand higher than 50 cm to avoid damage to the grass.
  • Do not feed the Scottish Highlanders.
  • Cars are not allowed, except on the main roads.
  • Camping outside of the campground is forbidden.
  • Nudism is not allowed.