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The Amsterdamse Bos is easily accessible for disabled persons. If you are disabled, don’t let that stop you from coming. For a list of disabled facilities at the Amsterdamse Bos, click here.

Car parking

Parking spaces for disabled drivers are available at many spots in the Amsterdamse Bos. All disabled parking spaces are located near the main facilities.


Most of the trails in the Amsterdamse Bos are asphalt or semi-paved paths. Most paths are accessible for wheelchairs. The sand paths along the Oeverlanden are less suitable for wheelchair users.

Bosmobiel carts

Update: In 2021 the Bosmobile won't be running due to the corona measures.

Two Bosmobiel carts have been donated for use by the Bosmobiel Foundation for visitors with mobility problems. These electric golf carts can hold up to five people and can be used to enjoy a forest drive. For more information, visit Bosmobiel.

Bosmobiel Amsterdamse Bos

Toilet facilities

The following places in the Amsterdamse Bos have toilet facilities for disabled persons:
• All kiosks (including the canoe hire shop)
• Chez Favié
• Meerzicht farm
• Open-air theatre (public toilet facilities)
• Visitors’ Centre
• Radar festival site
• Bosbaan restaurant
• Goat farm

Note: opening times vary, please check our website for more information: Attractions.

Visitors Centre

The Visitors Centre 'De Boswinkel' is accessible for wheelchair users. The entrance, cloakroom, information desk, exhibition hall (with ramp), toilets, elevator and corridors have been designed or adapted to meet wheelchair requirements. There are no special facilities for blind or visually impaired visitors.

Fishing jetties

The Bosbaan has three fishing jetties for disabled visitors. These jetties are accessible via a ramp from the car park halfway along the Bosbaan (P Bosbaan).


All displays are ergonomically designed. Texts on information panels, maps and signs can be read comfortably from a wheelchair. The signs and poles used for routing have sufficient contrast. The texts and symbols on the poles are displayed in black against a yellow background.